Window Shutters – How to Buy Window Shutters on A Budget

When shopping for individual shutters panel, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Installing small window shutter images 300x225 Window Shutters   How to Buy Window Shutters on A Budget

Installing small window images

While there is great value in installing custom-made interior window shutters, sometimes they are still too expensive for certain applications. Some alternatives – including poly or vinyl shutters – are less expensive but also much less attractive. For a high-quality solution at a lower cost, look for a company that sells individual solid wood shutter panels that can be installed in any configuration.

The most important factor when choosing window shutters are the material used to make the interior shutter panels.

has the best characteristics for window shutters because it is a very straight hard wood with little distortion. Basswood also has a fine, uniform texture and indistinct grain, which make it superior for staining or painting. You should also look for a company that can make a large number of panel sizes so you can receive the best final fit for your window.

It is best to determine how you will mount your window shutters before ordering the shutter panels. Sometimes it is necessary to use hanging strips to attach shutters to the outside of the window opening. A reputable company will provide information about different installation methods so you can determine how best to install on a specific window.

High-quality wood shutter panel can be painted or stained to a beautiful finish. Even if the shutters arrive and seem fairly smooth, a light sanding is advised before beginning the finishing process. Once your window shutters are finished and installed, you will have a high-quality product that will increase the value of your home at a fraction of the cost of custom-made shutters.

Window Shutters

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